About Us

About Us

About Us

This site has been created as an independent website, is not supported by or affiliated with any organization (academic, religious, or otherwise).

A lot of enthusiasms, motivation, and hard work have been put in the creation of this website.

This experience has been fulfilling in many ways.

We wish to all our readers, the same satisfaction and pleasure, we had by working on this site. God bless you.

We would wish to thank the following people and organizations for the great contribution.

World Council of Churches (WCC): Many thanks to Mr. Provost and his team from WCC . They have been very helpful to us during the whole process.

They have always been there for us and they met us on regular basis, with their legendary amiability.

If this site contains on Christianity , some of the best texts available today, is their contribution! Thanks again.

Many thank to Dr Subhash Kak for his contribution to clarify major concepts and share with us the latest findings on Hinduism . Not only he is a brilliant professor with extraordinary researches and articles, but an example of simplicity and kindness.

Taoism Culture & Information Centre: Great articles and researches on Taoism . We believe they have the best site on Taoism (Daoism). A must see. They kindly gave us the permission to use their works.

And of course, all other sites and persons, sited.

This site will grow, come often to visit us. We will add new articles and major texts on regular basis.

Privacy Policy

This site doesn’t leave cookies, collect information on users. We don’t sell information. All correspondence is treated as confidential. If a person sends us an email, nothing they write will be used in any way on our web site without their express permission.

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