Believing in the existence of immortal souls that can somehow be communicated with and interact with the real world (often through channeling) even after death.

With 14 million adherents, the Spiritism religions are reincarnationist.

The “Creed” of Spiritualism:

Spiritualistic churches have codified their beliefs in “7 Principles”:

1- The Fatherhood of God.

2- The Brotherhood of Man.

3- Continuous Existence.

4- Communion of Spirits and Ministry of Angels.

5- Personal Responsibility.

6- Compensation or Retribution Hereafter for Good or Evil Done on Earth.

7- A Path of Endless Progression.


The Seance, is a gathering of spiritualists to receive messages from the spirits, usually in small groups, but also in churches. It is the essence of spiritualism, talking with or receiving information from the death.

The word is often used to indicate Kardecist Spiritism.

A religion founded by Allan Kardec in the late 19th century.

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